Thursday, February 7, 2008

Yellow Journalism

The Senate passed the stimulus plan, and keeping with this administration's track record of fiscal responsibility, the package will total around $170 billion (the initial proposal was for $145 billion).  If you made between $3K and $75K last year, your rebate will be either $300 or $600.  I'm not sure what the threshold for getting the $600 will be, but I imagine I'll be able to buy that new TV I ranted on a few days ago or a whole mess of lead-painted toys.  Either way, the products will most likely come from China, in addition to the borrowed money that will pay for this economic Band-Aid.

There is hope for the future.  Mitt Romney yanked the rug out from under himself today!  He has suspended his push for the White House in an attempt to get the national GOP campaign off against the Dems.  Does this mean he'll start patting McCain on the back after so many friendly encounters these past few months?  Huckabee's got no chance.  McCain knows that, Romney knows it, and Huckabee is aware of the situation himself.  Looks like Chuck Norris is the only one who is still in denial.

Did you know, "Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it's a Chucktatorship"?

Lou Dobbs is probably making a mess in his underpants over this.  The town of Danbury, Connecticut will begin cracking down on illegal immigration.  Local law enforcement will assist federal officials in an attempt to enforce immigration laws.  Damn Canadians.  Stay on your side of the border!  I refuse to believe that the state of Connecticut, based on their geographic location, would be talking about any other immigrants than those surly Habs.  Maybe I'm just ignorant. But this decision couldn't have come sooner, as Danbury's crime rate is obscene and well above the national average.  And who's to blame?  Illegal immigrants, of course.  They're the reason for all of our country's troubles.  The economy, the war in Iraq, the Britney Spears faux pas ticker (updated every half hour), this coarse hair growing out of my prostate--wait a minute.  I'm not supposed to know about that, yet.  Leave this place, you!

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