Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Question

I missed Zappa Plays Zappa last time they were in Chicago, and I know several people that went said it was an awesome show.  I don't want to miss it again this year, but there's a problem.  The show is on Friday June 6th--the same day as the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS!!! reunion show in St. Paul.  I've been smashing my head into the plaster all morning trying to decide which show to attend.  On the one hand, I've never seen Zappa Plays Zappa; on the other hand, it's Stone Temple Pilots.  The only other time I saw STP was at a Kansas City motor speedway parking lot.  Jackyl opened up for them.  It was one of the best rock shows I've ever seen.  I've already told some people that I would go to ZPZ in MN prior to finding out that STP would be in town.

Here's a taste of Zappa Plays Zappa (Terry Bozzio on drums--not sure if he's in this year's lineup).

Here's STP.

And for no reason other than the fact that the singer plays a chain-saw, here's Jackyl.

Now, STP is playing in Chicago May 22nd, so here's my question: Is there anyone back home willing to go see STP, or anyone in MN willing to take a road trip? I believe the show's on a Thursday and it is kind of pricey ($46 before service charges). But if anyone is interested, please let me know.