Thursday, May 8, 2008

Help me out here

I'm looking for the title and author of a poem. My folder of xeroxed poetry from undergrad proved to be unhelpful in the matter. But I know Judy Jordan had us read it both times I took her poetry workshops. She handed out a copy of the poem each semester, as well.

There are two kids that pulled a practical joke on a train conductor. They stuffed a pair of overalls with straw and placed the dummy on the tracks. The conductor tried to brake, but was unsuccessful. When he finally stopped the train he chased the kids, thinking he had killed someone but realizing it wasn't a real person after he got on foot. The narrator of the poem remembers seeing the conductor collapsing in front of the dummy, cradling it and crying. Does anyone know the poem I'm talking about? Title and author?

Anyways, here's an amazing letter from Sharon Olds to Laura Bush. It's nothing new, I'm just a big fan of the last little paragraph. It makes my skin tingle. Probably because the closing line really ties the zinger together. And because we're almost through with the Bush reign.

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Jorge said...

I think I know what poem you're talking about, but I, too, do not remember the title or author. E-mail Judy and ask her.