Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daily Musing

You dine at the local Olive Garden and order this month's special: Four Cheese Stuffed Mezzaluna with Sausage.  They're moon-shaped ravioli and in addition to the four cheeses inside, the mezzaluna are smothered in a creamy tomato alfredo sauce.  A layer of melted mozzarella covers this dish.  

When the server sets down your plate, she asks if you would like fresh grated romano sprinkled over the food.  You say yes.  She tells you to say when.  She nearly gets a workout, cranking the cheese grater, before you say when.  Your plate is a mountain of seven cheeses.  

This fact escapes you at the restaurant: you're lactose intolerant.  When you realize this, however, you're already back home.  The safety net of a close bathroom aides you from having an accident.  And since you made it home this time, you have not learned your lesson.  There's nothing to stop you from doing something similar the next weekend.


reenska said...

You would have needed 1 Ultra Lactaid tablet for each of the cheeses in that dish. This is a problem for many of us on the Harbuziuk side of the family.

Big Perm said...

7 cheeses=delicious