Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daily Musing

Blond Treehorn Thug from The Big Lebowski is Jacob (the heavy-handed, god-like character) on LOST.  That's about the only thing that makes sense on the show--the fact they got that boner to play such a seemingly important character.

On the other hand, it has been nice to see former cast members of Deadwood (a show that doesn't rely on cop-outs and plot twists) make appearances on LOST.

Kim Dickens - Joanie Stubbs (DW), Cassidy Phillips (L)
Robin Weigert - Calamity Jane (DW), Rachel (L)
William Sanderson - E.B. Farnum (DW), Oldham (L)
Titus Welliver - Silas Adams (DW), Man #2 (L)


Diana said...

I knew I'd seen that guy somewhere, but couldn't place him.

It was my first time watching Lost. I was really confused.

DeWolf said...

I've watched the show from the beginning and am still confused. The only reason I keep watching is to get some answers.

Cornelius said...

Don't you get it? They travelled back in time so that they could nuke themselves in order to make it so that their plane never crashed, which it did, but it might not have had to have happened (as long as the nuke kills them in 1977 they will wake up alive and well in Los Angeles, 2004) because it's their destiny, although that, too, is fickle. It is potential, of course, that they actually just screwed themselves by nuking themselves (imagine that) because it will definitely cause their plane to crash in 2004 (but they will not die. Well, they might). Also, one or more of the characters may be Egyptian gods who have been locked on the island for several millenia, or possibly Biblical characters who are immortal.