Thursday, May 7, 2009

Daily Musing

Your internet still doesn’t work; the picture on your TV isn’t as sharp as it was three days ago.  You call Charter.  The automated lady talks you through each troubling-shooting step.  At one point she says, “Unplug the modem,” followed by, “Do you feel uncomfortable performing this step?”  How considerate.

Then she requests one of the following responses: “Yes,” “No,” or “What’s a modem?”

You press zero, opting to speak to a live person. 

After the operator determines you’ll need a visit from a technician, he tells you, “As a courtesy from Charter, we’d like to upgrade your internet service from 5 megs to 10 and provide you with a new convertor box, which will give you a better picture and allow you access to our On-Demand feature.”  Score.

He continues, “I will set this up, and you will be charged an extra five dollars a month.”

You wonder, Did he ask me if I wanted this, or did he just tell me that this was how it’s going to be?

At the very least, he was polite.  Which means you can’t accuse him of misrepresenting the company.

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