Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Get over your problems, and get to work." -Joan Rivers on happiness

I'm looking forward to the start of the semester. If for nothing else, I'm hoping that being forced to stay busy will help quell the anxiety--over school, yes, but so much more, too--I'm feeling right now. There's a swelling in my chest, a feeling like I accidentally killed someone and while no one knows that I committed this crime, I am consumed with this overwhelming feeling of guilt and can't let go of it.

The obligation to leave my apartment should help me get out of my mind, and hopefully the motivation to complete all my work (on time) will return. My apartment seems as spacious as a cigar box, and every piece of furniture wrecks my back. The weather outside is keeping me in here, though I've forced myself to leave even when I haven't had a valid reason to do so.

Right now I should be working on preparing for my 8am class tomorrow, but it seems like too much. I'm almost there, though. And lately, these midnight sparks of motivation have slapped me in the face and have gotten me (momentarily) back in gear. I'm definitely in need of some slaps to the face. There's no time for wasting and bullshitting from here on out.

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