Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's a question for you:

When taking a digital picture, how do you get the neon lights in the background to smear across the foreground of the photo? Do you know what I mean? Have you ever seen those pictures that look like the camera person got the shakes right before clicking the fucking button, though the people in the photo remain in focus? Wow, that turned out to be more than just ah question. But you've seen these pictures, I'm sure. Most likely on FacialBook, too.

I want to know how these pictures can be taken. The reason being: I don't ever want to accidentally take a picture that turns out that way. It takes away from the focus of/people in the picture. If the subject of the photograph isn't interesting enough on its own, then it's probably not worth taking a picture of it in the first place. Those types of effects act as a photo dressing, some flitzy accessory to distract you from realizing that whatever you did the night those pictures were taken was really fucking boring. You want lights zipping past your face like that, get some glow sticks and go to a rave.

oup-ta, oup-ta, oup-ta, oup-ta, oup-ta

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Diana said...

Dude, I wish you would update your blog.