Friday, February 15, 2008

The tube is my sitter

If you like TV but you're sick of watching or hearing about weak-minded cowards who shoot up schools or lie to oversight committees, if the notion that a phony conservative would endorse great grand-dad after trying to pry the walker from his grasp induces vomiting and seizure, then turn on TCM. They've been playing some damn good movies lately. T.S. Flynn informed me that they've got a 31 Days of Oscar theme running. Each day of the week is dedicated to showing an Oscar winning film from a specific decade. The movies are shown in their entirety, uncut and commercial free.

AMC's got some goodies, too. Their new series Breaking Bad has kept my interest. The series centers on a broke high school chemistry teacher who discovers he has terminal lung cancer. His wife is pregnant, and their son is handicapped. This teacher, Walter, begins to cook crystal meth with a former student in order to provide for his family. Unlike the godawful Showtime original, Weeds, the characters and scenarios in this show are actually interesting and worthy of viewer empathy.

The network will also be broadcasting Clint Eastwood's Letters From Iwo Jima this Saturday, commercial free. It's fantastic. And despite what Michael Savage thinks, it is not an anti-American film. Letters depicts the battle at Iwo Jima from the Japanese side, and because some of the characters are portrayed with compassion and a sense of being human (go figure), there was some negative fallout from conservatives over Eastwood's intentions. If you decide to watch the film, take it for what it is--a character driven account of war, an historical fiction piece. I'm not sure if AMC will do any editing, but there are some extremely graphic scenes in the movie, and it's almost entirely subtitled, too. So if you're squeamish when it comes to the grotesque or don't like having to read during movies, then let this be your warning.

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