Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Well, the Cubs are fucked...

...but aren't they always?  I mean they're the Cubs.  The Goat, the '69 Mets, Ernie Broglio, The Tribune Company, Leon Durham, Alex Gonzalez--any Cubs fan can tell you how these things relate to the Cubs being the worst franchise in the history of organized sports.  I don't include Bartman because he had nothing to do with anything (see anyone else in the stands going for that ball?).  

Don't get me wrong, I love the Cubs.  Which is why I'm so upset about this.  Ryan Dumpster, you have shown us your inability to close out games time and time again over the past few season.  Why would you publicly say something like that, knowing this teams history of choking and not living up to expectations?  I mean, I like the confidence.  Every player should be in the mindset that their team is good enough to win it all.  But the Cubs aren't just any team.  They're special--in a bad way.  

My prediction for the 2008 season--Cubs have a worse record than the White Sox, but still win the NL Central because the division will resemble that of a triple-A league.  

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