Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back in the `Sota, again

The drive back to Mankato today happened to be quite enjoyable.  The Sox hosted the Cubs in Arizona, so XM played the South-Sider's broadcast.  It was my first chance to hear the new radio duo--Ed Farmer and Steve Stone.  And it was everything I thought it would be.  

The two sound like they've been radio partners for the past ten years.  Farmer's leading the show, asking Stoney questions about pitch selection and approach, setting the table for his color commentator like any good play-by-play announcer should.  There's little hesitation when either of them responds to the other's question, there's no down-time (crucial for radio broadcasts--sorry, Hawk), and the anecdotes are funny, interesting, and relevant.  As a diehard Cubs fan I hate to say this, but I'm excited about White Sox baseball--speaking strictly from a radio broadcasting standpoint!  

It was great to be back home for the week.  The fam, the friends, the bars--all good times.  I'm not going to miss the traffic, though.  I swear it seems like the number of cars on the road grows exponentially any time I leave and come back.  I'm also not going to miss the gnarled roads.  There's a trench separating the lanes of I-90 west, just past the 290 extension.  Merging and changing lanes on this road will completely fuck up your car's alignment.  Traveller beware.


Anonymous said...

Well met! Over on Small Space we could use a good sportswriting camel cricket to cover baseball. None of us know anything about sports. Hop on over and have yourself a look-see.

Dir. of Public Relations

Flynn said...

I'm excited too. They were much better than the 1st game they worked together. But I'm more excited about:
a) Big Jim Thome's power stroke
b) Neal Cotts being a Cub

DeWolf said...

Damn you, Flynn! As I see it, Cotts is done.