Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's getting really hard to defend you, Kid-K

This doesn't surprise me.  To list every injury that Kerry Wood has endured, suffered through, inflicted upon himself--take your pick--might cause a complete lock-up of the world wide web.  In addition, you and I don't have enough time to go through that whole mess.  That said, Sweet Lou says that Kerry's just got a stiff back, that it's nothing, it's minor.  It's never minor when it comes to Wood.

SIU won its first game of the NIT in a rematch of the 1st round, 2005 tourney.  They took care of business against the Cowboys of OK State with tenacious defense (even w/out top defender Bryan Mullins--done for the year w/a stress fracture), a copious amount of offensive boards, many assists, and a high shooting percentage.  I hate to say that tomorrow probably won't go as well for the maroon and white.  ASU has a damn fine basketball team.  The game is in Tempe where the Sun Devils have won 14 of their last 15 non-conference games.  They deserved to be in the field of 65 with a chance to go dancing.

Less than 12 hours to get your free ESPN tourney brackets completed.  Go to the website, sign up (it's free), and fill out up to 10 brackets.  You could win a ton of prizes if your picks turn out to be correct.  It's an excuse to follow the tourney if you're not a college basketball fan, and it's a chance to reap the benefits of gambling without actually losing anything.  Why not?

I think Kansas is going all the way this year.  I've filled out some "upset" brackets, but most of mine have KU winning it all.  There's not much parity from top to bottom in the league this season--maybe due to the one-and-done freshman from last year.  I think we could see an all number 1 seed Final Four this year.  The Jayhawks, however, can adapt to any team's game, but when they get to play their style--transition, fast-break, score as many points in 40 minutes as possible--they're the toughest team in the field.  Plus, they can exploit the zone defense better than most NBA teams.  Should be fun.

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