Sunday, March 2, 2008

With a fan like me, who needs rivals?

Aramis Ramirez has a cranky shoulder, Soriano broke his finger.
Kerry Wood gave up a three-run homer in the Cubs' loss to Torii Hunter.
Marquis basically asked the Cubs for a trade if he is unable to win a starting position, this after he gave up two runs in two innings of work.
Piniella was irked by the Marquis comments.

The Salukis lost their 13th game of the season to Illinois State.  While ISU is bound for an automatic bid into the big dance, this was only SIU's second at-home conference loss since the `01-`02 season.  And it came on senior night.  How did the seniors fair?  Matt Shaw was 2-11 from the field and Tyrone Green fouled out with 6 points.  Then there was Randal Falker.  He shot 6-8 from the field for 18 points, racked up 14 boards, had two blocks and a steal.  Hopefully, he'll get picked up in the draft this summer.  While his overall stats this season don't look too impressive, he was basically a one-man show in most games.  The only way SIU has a chance to extend their consecutive 20-win season streak to seven is to win out in the MVC tournament.  If they are able to do so, they'll also receive an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.  Depending on how they play next weekend, I may be a bit cranky.

Joe, I'm sorry to say this because I know how much you love all things Jayhawks, but Cap'n Kirk needs to hop on over to Union Station and take an Amtrak south till it runs out of track.  I've said it before, but this team needs Chris Bosh.  If they're fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending on how you look at this season) to get the number one pick in the lottery, they're going to need to pick up Beasley from K-State.  I miss you Joe Smith.  I really do.

Martin "Kerry Wood of the Hawks" Havlat is hurt again.  That's not news. 

Berrian signed with the Vikings.  This means he'll emerge as one of the greatest receivers of all time en-route to the HOF.  Moose signed with the Panthers.  The team re-signed QB's Grossman and Orton which means they don't have a QB or a go-to receiver.  At least they signed Briggs.

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Now that wasn't so hard. at least todays comments have perspicuity.