Thursday, March 13, 2008


So begins a potential season-long brawl.  And it's not even between the Yanks and Boston.  It sucks that NY's prospect broke his wrist, and I know you've got to protect your teammates, but I think Shelly Duncan was out of line on this one.  He slid in high when he was out by a mile.  The Yankee's starting pitcher hit Eva Longoria in the first inning and got ejected.  That should have ended it.  He claimed that the grazing of Mrs. Parker's jersey wasn't intentional, but i don't believe anything a Yankee says.  That includes you, Joe Girardi!  You wish you were Jody Davis.  (I can't stay mad at you, Girardi.)

Here's a shoddy video of the take-out slide, and Johnny Gomes's reaction.  Got to hand it to the umps for stepping in right away.  They're in mid-season form.

The Cubs play San Diego today, and there was quite the scuffle between Derrek Lee and Chris Young last season.  Not sure if that'll carry over, but I think I'm itching to see another brawl.  I'm not posting a video of that fight because D-Lee did puss out after failing to connect with his first punch.  It's still pretty embarrassing.  

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