Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shut In

My neighbors from across the street are watching me; they have been all summer. Every time I look outside at night, I see a red dot in their second-story window. It's a video camera, I'm convinced. I've pretended to go on late night walks just to get different angles on the red dot. It's definitely coming from some sort of dark box that's propped up on a tripod. At least, that's what I've pieced together from my recon missions. I'm guessing there's a bench or night stand on the other side of that window, since the tripod is small and needs the help of a table in order for the camera to overlook the window sill.

That damn camera's on all night, too. I've never seen a cord, so it must get some charge out of the battery. If I wasn't so worried about the reason why my neighbors are videotaping me, I'd ask them what kind of camera it is and how long the battery lasts. I could use a video camera. I've got ideas. Ideas that could find their way onto YouTube. And then...I guess that's it.

They're videotaping me in case they pick up footage that proves I'm breaking my lease. They're doing this because I'm assuming they're friends with my landlord. I recently found out that my landlord has been taken to court eight times by previous tenants. My former downstairs neighbors were the last to do it, and they won their case. Now, my landlord is pissed. He wants to get back at all of the assholes that have wronged him through misdirected voyeurism. And I'm his victim. I've been sued by a landlord before, but that jackass didn't count on the fact that one of my roommates happened to be the son of a district court judge. We ended up settling, but ever since I've become increasingly defensive and paranoid when it comes to renting.

Tonight, I don't see a red light from my window. So I go outside. It's damn cold out there right now, even for October. The clouds look like ice sheets drifting over the moon, and the wind reminds me that my wool coat won't be enough tomorrow. Get ready for the winter cold, for closed windows, and drawn shades. My neighbors blinds are down. They have no need to watch me in winter. Apparently, this is the time of year they think I don't do anything too exciting. They might be right.

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